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Although my ultimate survival is still a question, I am a product of a long-time spiritually abusive church.

We started going to this particular church when I was an infant, and I wasn’t free of it until I was well into adulthood.  So, considering that all I knew of Christianity came from The Shit (as I call it); that I was spiritually abused; that I was homeschooled; that I’m a severely introverted, intuitive type of person; that I’m a “creative” and a poet; that depression runs in the family; that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person; that I have the symptoms of Complex-PTSD; and that I have a fairly nuanced and sneaky form of “Pure-O” OCD… well, its really no wonder that I’m as fucked-up (seemingly) as I am.

As we left The Shit and as the depression really started settling in, I did what I’ve always (obsessively) done when faced with an internalized conundrum: I did research to solve the problem.  While the problem is still unsolved (and I suspect that it must always be so), I have run across some helpful little islands along the way.

One of these islands is the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network.  Below is the “About” page from their site.  I  hope that the stories and information can be as helpful to you as it has been to me.

About The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network

The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a project of Vyckie Garrison and the guest writers at No Longer Quivering.

The network began when Vyckie noticed that NLQ forum member, Libby Anne, seemed to be doing a lot of processing of her quiverfull experience through frequent posts and comments. She encouraged Libby Anne to write her story for NLQ – which she did – and in the process, discovered that she loves blogging!

Around that time, due to on-going health issues, Vyckie was struggling to keep the No Longer Quivering site updated and rarely was able to write any new content herself. Recognizing Libby Anne’s blogging potential as an opportunity to continue raising awareness of spiritual abuse, Vyckie encouraged Libby Anne to start her own blog and gave her a crash course in how to generate traffic and build a regular, growing readership which she had learned through trial and error in running NLQ.  Using the established influence of NLQ, Vyckie helped to launch Libby Anne’s blog, Love, Joy, Feminism and her success has been phenomenal.

While it might seem that helping Libby Anne’s new blog to succeed would create competition and lure readers from No Longer Quivering, in fact, the opposite happened. As Love, Joy, Feminism took off and attracted new readers, Libby Anne frequently linked back to NLQ – and both sites have benefited from a continually increasing number of visitors.

More importantly, as a result of Vyckie and Libby Anne’s collaboration – many more people are learning about the Quiverfull movement and the dangers of patriarchy and spiritual abuse.

This is a perfect example of mutuality and cooperation at work. It is the opposite of the top-down, somebody’s-gotta-win-and-everyone-else-will-lose competitive nature of hierarchical patriarchy. We think it’s very cool. :)

Through cross-promotion and collaboration, the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a powerful way of supporting and promoting spiritual abuse survivors in our individual blogging efforts.  We are working together toward a shared goal of increasing awareness of this issue of spiritual abuse – the control, the confusion, the devastation, our struggles, our triumphs, our survival and recovery.

Rather than being territorial and sectarian (as was the modus operandi of the abusive religious groups from which we have escaped), the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network employs the proven, non-abusive strategy of teamwork to gain more visibility for all the individual survivor blogs – in this manner, we make more of a collective impact on Google’s radar so that the search engines direct more people to read about this issue of spiritual abuse.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of spiritual abuse survivors starting their own blogs – so many awesome, enthusiastic writers who deserve a significant platform! The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is committed to helping these survivors succeed.


No Longer Quivering – Vyckie Garrison

Seeking The Light – Suzanne Titkemeyer

The Phoenix and the Olive Branch – Sierra

Wordgazer’s Words – Kristen Rosser

Incongruous Circumspection – Joe Sands

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Permission to Live – Melissa

Baptist Taliban and Beyond – Cindy Foster

Mari’s Muses – Mari

Past Tense Present Progressive – Latebloomer

Hopewell Takes on Life!

The Way Forward – Bruce Gerencser

Becoming WorldlyHeather Doney

Defeating The DragonsSamantha

I Am Phoenix – AJ

Wide Open World – Lana Hope

Feminist in Spite of Them – Sarah Henderson

Leaving Fundamentalism – Jonny Scaramanga

Love is Not Equal to Love – Mere Dreamer

The Talking Llama -Boze Herrington

The Lost (And Found) Mind of Kaleesha Williams – Kaleesha Williams

Living Liminal – Living Liminal

A Heart Like Mine – Nora Woodhouse

When Church Hurts – Ellen

What Really Happened In The Church and Life After The Diocese – HG

Quiver Full of Information

Rethinking Vision Forum

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