The Mystery of the Universe

The Mystery of the Universe (the same universe that sometimes still makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing and that maybe this really is a fairy tale) was created by God.  And God chose to reveal who God is by slipping into skin an walking among us as Jesus.  And the love and grace and mercy of Jesus was so offensive to us that we killed him.  The night before this happened Jesus gathered some real fuck-ups, held up bread and said ‘take and eat, this is my body for you.’  And then he went to the Cross.  But death could not contain God.  God said ‘yes’ to all our polite ‘no thank you’s by rising from the dead.  Death and resurrection.  It is the Christian story as it has been told to me, starting with Mary Magdeline, the first one to tell it; and it has been confirmed in my experience.

– Nadia Bolz-Weber

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