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Sunday is for Art – Mothers and Daughters

One of the many joys of being a husband and a father is watching my wife interact with our children.  Like any close relationship, there are nuances and complexities in any relationship between a parent and a child, but especially in the mother/daughter relationship (at least from the perspective of this particular father).  There are flavors and scents and eddies and currents in how mothers and daughters inter-relate that I cannot myself relate to.  There’s a richness in the relationship: hidden dangers and complex landmines of desire and fear and joy and sadness.

Enter the hauntingly beautiful project “Mothers and Daughter” by Julia Fullerton-Batton.

Over passage of time [the mother/daughter relationship] changes significantly.  The babe-in-arms is fully dependent on the mother, but at the other end of the age scale, the mother often becomes dependent on her daughter to satisfy her emotional needs.

In the adult relationship the intimacy of the bond is established by the love, struggle and rivalry of a shared lifetime, leading to a mature understanding and acceptance of each other.  Between childhood and adulthood, the full spectrum of emotions is played out.  My images try to capture all of these very different stages in this extremely special and complicated relationship.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


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