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Proclamation Day

Today has been deemed Proclamation Day by the Republic of Ireland, in memory and recognition of the Centennial Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

From the official website:

To celebrate the Easter Rising in its centennial year, Proclamation Day will take place in all educational institutions nationwide on March 15, 2016, with key project ‘Proclamation for a New Generation’ at its core. Here are 10 memorable ways schools can get involved.


All pre-schools, primary and post-primary schools, and further and higher education institutions will take part in Proclamation Day 2016 on Tuesday, March 15. Across the country, immense effort has been made by schools to create a programme for the day that is significant, educational and commemorative.


At the heart of the effort is the ‘Proclamation for a New Generation’ project, which impels students and classes around Ireland to write and share their own new Proclamation for the Ireland of 2016, outlining their values and visions for a 21st century Republic based on the overall themes of Remember, Reflect, and Reimagine.



Fe Mhoid Bheith Saor!


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