About Me

I am Caedmon, a Wandering Gael and a depressive castaway, loved by my wife and children, striving to live simply and softly.  I write software for a living, but would much prefer to spend my days flirting with my wife, playing with my kids, reading with the birds in my flower gardens and writing with the faeries in my head.

I am happily married to my wife of almost ten years, my Lovely, and we have four wonderful children (and one on the way): Miss Creative, Mr. Sensitive, Miss Bouncy and Mr. Goofy.   In addition, our Little Monastery has various four-legged/winged/finned brothers and sisters: Daisy (our Lab/Bloodhound rescue); Ellie-Mae (bearded dragon); Rocky (Leopard Gecko); Alpha, Sky, and Rainbow (Parakeets) and a 30-gallon tank of various and sundry fresh-water fish.

I write here because I must.



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