Photography, Sunday is for Art

Sunday is for Art – Bjørg-Elise Tuppen

Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is a very talented artist out of Norway.  Her project The Enchanted Land is a series of solemn, lonely, beautiful images from Northern Norway.

From her website:

Ever since I was a little girl I have expressed myself through visual work. I guess one can say that being creative is the most defining aspect of my personality. I am a trained photographer and worked as such before I decided to study Graphic Design. I have a Bachelor in Graphic Design University of Hertfordshire.
I love to use and experiment with different medias such as painting, drawing, photography, typography and digital collage, as well as mix them to explore and create different moods, effects and expressions. My style is not set or limited, but ever evolving and seeking.

(ht: Slippery Edge)

Photography, Sunday is for Art

Sunday is for Art – Brand New Ancients

From, Kate Tempest‘s website, Brand New Ancients is:

An epic spoken word performance of every day Gods, Brand New Ancients follows two South London families as their respective generations grow and intertwine into a parable of modern life. Highlighting the immortal and very real truths of love and loss, Brand New Ancients is a call to arms for the modern day hero. Set over an exhilarating live score played by tuba, cello, violin, drums and electronics, that finds the gods of today all around us and reveals that our true heroes are much closer than we think.

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