Sculpture, Sunday is for Art

Sunday is for Art – Animal Battle

Animal Battle, a gorgeous series of drawings and sculptures, by Maryanna Hoggat.

From the website:

Wooden swords, flowing banners, elaborate costumes and dapper hats decorate handsome beasts of all species as they quietly stand at attention, waiting for a battle to begin.

Animal Battle is a visualization of the internal struggle to bring ideas and dreams to life against our most powerful enemies: Fear and Doubt.  The Eyes + Hands army symbolizes our physical self, while Hearts + Stars represents the mental: passion, courage, & imagination.  Together they lead Ideas out of our subconscious and protect them on a journey through our mind into Reality.

Crafted with an incredible attention to detail, Animal Battle is a series of illustration and sculpture with a lovely vintage appeal that captivates both grown-ups and children alike.