Blank Verse

The Dusk of Night

I find myself within the dusk of night
Where ghouls and shadows flit around my head
Spitting words of hopeless paths and tired treads
Pressing under me, the weight of darkness’ might
In the midst of shadowed storms I seek the light
Trying to remember words of hope I’ve heard and read
Holding onto sanity by naught but tiny threads
Beat and bruised and cast beyond the realm of fight
In this pitied state I seek the light of Jesus’ hope
I cling unto the splintered Cross, I’m washed by perfect blood
I feel as one who’s lost to die, but sought by He who hung
And as the light shines down upon my bloody face, I grope
I seek the One who saves and keeps with perfect love
For I have no one else to seek and no one else to run

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So Cry the Rocks

The sun’s propelled in warming, flowing waves
The land is bathed in streams of fresh delight
Its praise unites in brightly wooded naves
The hills rejoice to bask amongst the cooling light
The grasses dance a lusty jig atop the sighing earth
The mountains stand as bastions tall in stoic might
The varied beasts and birds sing out with lusty mirth
Along the laughing, running, fair happy streams
Amongst the silent trees of ancient worth
The constant stones shout out in steady, artful song
The wooded groves stand cloaked in lovely, leafy staves
In worship of the one who made and wafts the world along
Who triumphs o’er our waiting graves
Who bled to die, and died to save

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Quietly the Thunder Rolls

Quietly the thunder rolls, over fruited plains
Upon a front of angry air, conquering
Blowing winds and howling shrieks, billowing
Clouds descend with rain and lightning’s flame

Solemnly the flower stirs, dancing in the breeze
Within a field of swaying grass, pondering
Singing sight and harmonies, coloring
Face upturned to seek the heavens’ sheen

Openly the horses play, running in the sea
Upon the lands of shining green, galloping
Soaking in the tender sun, sauntering
Legs a blur among the grasses and the trees

Lazily the waters flow, tracing through the plains
Among the crowds of anxious life, trickling
Stepping with the soil’s course, simpering
Pacing on their merry paths and ways


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Blank Verse

Transitory Dreams

All my dreams have slowly slipped away
I stand before the massive maw
Naked in the fog of future’s present past
Memory confused and lost

Hope has flown beyond the setting sun
Night has come with beasts in tow
Clouds preclude familiar silver light
On a darkened rocky path

Life has lost its special taste and joy
Complexity confuses all
Color fades beneath the darkened clouds
Vision is removed

I am frozen in decision’s grasp
A slave of choice’s hold
All my paths are open to the void
Curled on the floor

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Blank Verse

Always Bring Your Best Self to Work

“Always bring
your best self
to work”

Well, fuck that.

When am I
ever my
best self?

When am I
to be

human? Flawed
that I am,
I’m me;

with chagrin
and glory
to spare.

All my days

and borders,
pick your

I’m a man
who bleeds

and courts his

with flowers
and candy
and tends

to them with
tender love-
ing care.

I love my
and wife;

I whore my
time so they
might eat

and play and
lodge and want
for lack.

I doubt my
doubts; always

that I’ve no
with which

to believe
and conclude
in. Shit.

(on King John’s

Best self, worst
self, it’s all
the same,

living as
a human

I am flawed
I am man
I’m me.

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Blank Verse

Beyond the Havens Gray

My heart, it looks to shores of living green
To rolling hills and shadowed glens and sunny vales
To ancient paths wherein the angels have trod
To mighty seas, to winding rivers deep and broad

My heart, it looks to plains of dancing grass
To hoary mounts and rugged roads and cloudy skies
To ancient wells where from the beasts and men have drunk
To golden halls, to lasting lands of glory shone

My heart, it looks to lands where pain is dead
Where death has perished and run and fallen in the light
Where grace and glory rules, where loves is all that’s known
Where beauty’s comes to dwell on Heaven’s earth


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Blank Verse

Wilderness of Thought

I’m broken in a maze of dank and noxious night
Within the desert of my wilted mind
I sigh for all the light that’s fled and died
Within my wilderness of thought

The superheated sun beats down upon my head
My lips are boiled from the scalding heat
My skin is torn and ripped upon the reaching thorns
I lie upon the sand to die

Conviction’s left my mind and flown, diffused within the wind
The storm is swirled in fleeing thought
The darkness rules, an everlasting reign of terrored night
I’m lost upon the raging sea

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