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Another End of the Growing Season

Flowers from my gardens around the house.



Rhythmic Poetry

The Royal Seasons

Soft the days of the Princess Spring
Flowers bloom in shows of colors bright
Trees awaken from their wintered sleep
The lands rejoice in rejuvenated sight

Hot the days of the Summer Prince
Creatures play in joyed activity
Trees extend their arms unto the skies
The land is angered by the driving heat

Fair the days of the Autumn Queen
Regal sways the shrinking, sinking sun
Trees bedeck themselves in evening dress
The land slows down for harvest’s thankful fun

Dark the days of the Winter King
Harshly blows the stinging, guarding winds
Trees undress to fall into their yearly sleep
The land to silence hence submits

Of Rolling Hills and Hidden Vales

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens – Japanese Garden

Located west of downtown Fort Worth, at University and I-30, the Fort Worth Botanical Garden is the oldest Botanic Garden in the great state of Texas.  Within this “Living Museum” collection of gardens there is the beautiful Japanese Garden, what some would say is the crown jewel of the Garden.

These beautiful photos were taken by Brandi Korte and can be seen on her Flickr photostream.

Sonnet, Wheel of the Year


She comes in whispers, glimmers dancing softly
on the waltzing breeze in scented hues that
sing a gleaming melody in crimson
waves upon the floating arbor seas.
Behind her train the vespers evensong
of birds is raised and fades within the shrinking light
that glows in soft and tender swells along
the edge of night. The warmth of summer seeps
beyond the reach of live, invigorating
airs. The chill of sorrow’s hope lies weeping
on the dying lands; hopes to germinate,
to sprout in meditative, waking sleep
beneath the winter’s lovely, frozen curse
that falls upon the sphere of terra’s browning hearse.

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My Poetry, Sonnet

Mystic Winds

Gentle winds descend from chilly plains
Pushing out the summer’s rotting mort
Cleansing in their steady, cooling trains
Building up a silent, autumn fort
Darting through the lonely, sleeping trees
Singing whispered lullabies and hymns
Dancing with the fallen, colored leaves
Speaking through the shaking blades and stems
Running o’er the constant, pressing streams
Carrying the snores of earthen sleep
Crisply clearing up the senses’ swollen slate
Joyful hopes fulfill the season’s keep
Accomplishing their magic glee
The winds return unto the Autumn Queen