A Beard for All Seasons

As 2015 shrinks into the proverbial rear-view mirror and as the terror of 2016 fills our vision, behold the amazing “A Beard for All Seasons” calendar, by Stephanie Jarstad

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Wednesday is for Beards – The Twelve Beards of Christmas

As we continue to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, the existence of twelve beards of Christmas seems highly appropriate.

So, The Twelve Beards of Christmas, by Stephanie Jarstad:

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Wednesday is for Beards – Beard Baubles

Behold, the majestic glory of Beard Baubles.


Wednesday is for Beards – Bearded Gospel Men

Behold the hilarity of Bearded Gospel Men.

From their website:

[Bearded Gospel Men] is a celebration of facial fair, the gospel, and robust masculinity.  We do not believe that God commands all men everywhere to grow their beards, nor do we believe that a beard makes one a man.  Masculinity is about growing in love, grace, self-sacrifice and service.  The beard is simply a beautiful bonus!