Winter Fades

Winter fades into the dawning sun
Trees bud forth from darkness’ sleep
Grasses weave and stretch in sunny warmth
Hopeless night becomes the joyful day
Gardens shout in colours bright
Rabbits leap in ‘passioned glee
Lambs are birthed in resurrected hope
Winds subdue while snow drifts melt
Spring has come again

Quietly the Thunder Rolls

Quietly the thunder rolls, over fruited plains
Upon a front of angry air, conquering
Blowing winds and howling shrieks, billowing
Clouds descend with rain and lightning’s flame

Solemnly the flower stirs, dancing in the breeze
Within a field of swaying grass, pondering
Singing sight and harmonies, coloring
Face upturned to seek the heavens’ sheen

Openly the horses play, running in the sea
Upon the lands of shining green, galloping
Soaking in the tender sun, sauntering
Legs a blur among the grasses and the trees

Lazily the waters flow, tracing through the plains
Among the crowds of anxious life, trickling
Stepping with the soil’s course, simpering
Pacing on their merry paths and ways


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