Free Verse

Woolen Cloak

Quietly the woolen cloak descends upon the sleeping ground, solemnly returning in the winter’s song, softened harmony reflecting silence’ part

Watchful o’er the sleeping land the blanket bathes the senses’ open nerves with subtle waves of resting light and solitude

Underneath this calming sea, the trees have shed their summer’s dress and sleep in dreams and empty growth, preparing for the seasons’ course

Beasts and humans still their mouths and minds before the bright silence, awed at winter’s nuanced shades and shapes displayed beneath the woolen cloak

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Free Verse, My Poetry

May Peace Descend

May peace descend,
a shimmering cascade of sparkling sweet waters

A silence,
full and emptied of the noise that presses deep inside

A solitude,
healing rest for all the quaking thoughts and racing conversations

A sweet cessation,
of the ever-present wars and pains and sorrows’ hold

May peace descend upon our busted mind

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Of Rolling Hills and Hidden Vales

Columcille Megalith Park

While I’ve not yet been able to visit Columcille Megalith Park, its on my list of places to visit as soon as I can.

From the park’s website:

Columcille, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1978 to promote transformation through inner and outer work. It has its origins in Casa Colum (Gaelic for Home of the Dove), a small house opened in 1975 by William Cohea Jr. as a ‘salon by the side of the road’ where ‘tired sinners and reluctant saints’ could drop by and share their experiences and ideas. Cohea had been inspired during a visit to the Isle of Iona to create an open space which welcomed people of all faiths and traditions interested in renewal and transformation.

In partnership with Fred Lindkvist and “Friends of Columcille,” the original foundation grew and Columcille erected the St. Columba Chapel in 1979. The building took its name from Colum Cille, the 6th century Irish monk who founded a monastic community on Iona.

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Free Verse, My Poetry

The Shores of Nature’s Rest

Dark the thoughts that slam my mind when light has faded dark

Communication turns into a dark and loathsome goal

Morning comes with virgin rays and all I feel is sickness

Tepid thoughts assail my frame and weigh upon my soul

Off I walk into the green, to heal within the wood

Alone beneath the clouds, resting in the shade

Constant waves massage my mind – I gaze at beauty’s good

On the shores of nature’s rest, I come to pray and wade

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Celtic Litany for Peace

From the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart

(Published on October 3, 2009

Let us pray to the Lord, saying, Lord have mercy.

For the peace from above, and for tranquility in our time for the Holy Catholic Church, that she may reach to the ends of the earth, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

That God may soon manifest his Kingdom of peace, where no sword is drawn and no tear is shed, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

That all nations and their rulers may be governed by the righteous scepter of God’s authority, and that all people may live in peace and prosperity, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

For peace on earth and good will among all people, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

For peace in the Holy Land in which the Word of God was born and lived among us, and for peace in those lands where the Gospel light first shone among our ancestors in the faith, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

That all nations may be governed by him who was born to be the servant of all, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

That the leaders of the nations may follow the Morning Star who knows no setting, and who leads to peace and concord, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

Bring to repentance the leaders of the nations who sit in the seat of Herod and Pilate, governing for their own benefit and washing their hands of justice, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

In ancient times you confused the tongues and divided the nations, but at the descent of the Holy Spirit, you opened the tongues and ears of people from many nations to hear the Good News in Jesus Christ. Bring the nations of the world to peace in this life-giving Gospel, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

For a peaceful and Christian end to our lives, let us pray to the Lord,
Lord, have mercy.

Eternal God, in whose perfect kingdom no sword is drawn but the sword of righteousness, no strength known but the strength of love: So mightily spread abroad your Spirit, that all people may be gathered under the banner of the Prince of Peace, as children of one Father; to whom be dominion and glory, now and for ever.