Blank Verse

Winter Fades

Winter fades into the dawning sun
Trees bud forth from darkness’ sleep
Grasses weave and stretch in sunny warmth
Hopeless night becomes the joyful day
Gardens shout in colours bright
Rabbits leap in ‘passioned glee
Lambs are birthed in resurrected hope
Winds subdue while snow drifts melt
Spring has come again

Rhythmic Poetry

The Royal Seasons

Soft the days of the Princess Spring
Flowers bloom in shows of colors bright
Trees awaken from their wintered sleep
The lands rejoice in rejuvenated sight

Hot the days of the Summer Prince
Creatures play in joyed activity
Trees extend their arms unto the skies
The land is angered by the driving heat

Fair the days of the Autumn Queen
Regal sways the shrinking, sinking sun
Trees bedeck themselves in evening dress
The land slows down for harvest’s thankful fun

Dark the days of the Winter King
Harshly blows the stinging, guarding winds
Trees undress to fall into their yearly sleep
The land to silence hence submits

Photography, Sunday is for Art

Sunday is for Art – Bjørg-Elise Tuppen

Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is a very talented artist out of Norway.  Her project The Enchanted Land is a series of solemn, lonely, beautiful images from Northern Norway.

From her website:

Ever since I was a little girl I have expressed myself through visual work. I guess one can say that being creative is the most defining aspect of my personality. I am a trained photographer and worked as such before I decided to study Graphic Design. I have a Bachelor in Graphic Design University of Hertfordshire.
I love to use and experiment with different medias such as painting, drawing, photography, typography and digital collage, as well as mix them to explore and create different moods, effects and expressions. My style is not set or limited, but ever evolving and seeking.

(ht: Slippery Edge)

Free Verse

Woolen Cloak

Quietly the woolen cloak descends upon the sleeping ground, solemnly returning in the winter’s song, softened harmony reflecting silence’ part

Watchful o’er the sleeping land the blanket bathes the senses’ open nerves with subtle waves of resting light and solitude

Underneath this calming sea, the trees have shed their summer’s dress and sleep in dreams and empty growth, preparing for the seasons’ course

Beasts and humans still their mouths and minds before the bright silence, awed at winter’s nuanced shades and shapes displayed beneath the woolen cloak

(featured image source)

Sonnet, Wheel of the Year


As winter’s rage o’erwhelms the silent earth
a whiff of life, a whisper, is exhaled
beyond the grip of ice on rimy firths –
A herald of the death of sorrow’s Hel.
She strains and groans against the fading veil
for in the twilight glow the prime is birthed
between the knees of rolling mounds and vales
to usher in the realm of love and mirth.
He drops amidst the blushing waters’ flow,
she pulls him to her life-supporting chest:
upon the swollen bosom of her hills
He sucks and feeds, a helpless, squalling bairn.
As darkness ebbs, the swelling morning grows
upon the wholly crimson lamb and rose.

(featured image source)

Sonnet, Wheel of the Year


In darkness lies midwinter’s lonely road
beneath the bleak discriminating erne.
He pads midst silent seas of snow and firn
and stride upon the troglodytic wold.
The sun grows shy before his slow advance,
the moon tenaciously asserts her berth.
Her glow illuminates the raven’s mirth
and floods the season’s gelid, hoary manse.
Amidst the dead of night is birth the morn
when wintertide is at his fullest flow.
The bitter winds across the tillage show
the brutal, bloody path to glory’s bourn.
The solstice gleam approaches in the tomb
dispelling night with light in heaven’s womb.

My Poetry

Somber Seas Descend

Somber seas descend upon the winter’s park
while coating all within a dulcet wrap
Drizzled tones preclude the airs of thrush and lark
Men advance in coat and gamp and cap
Roads transform in shining sheets of clever black
Trees are thrown into a wild dance
Huddled beasts collect in dripping, leafy shacks
Winds parade enthralled in stormy trance
Lightnings peal and thunders brightly crash
Whispered howls tell tales of ancient days
Driving sheets of tortured ice afflict and lash
Towered mounds stampede in maddened craze
We huddle where we’re dry and warm,
protected from the angry storms