The Christian Year



She waits with mournful joy amidst a work began in blood In penitential expectation dying with her Liege His royal visage shining in a flowing, crimson flood Is pressed upon her beating soul, by sin and death besieged She sobs, beset by pains and sorrows, beaten, sick and torn She cries, “How long before this … Continue reading Advent


He’s come, her Savior born in blood, in incarnated tears Amidst the virgin’s blushing flood, in darkness canopied A squalling infant, born to die upon a rugged tree — The long foretold and hoped-for King — who wipes away her fears The golden angels sing as one, “All praise to God on high! For unto … Continue reading Christmas


Within the blackness of the night His body lies at rest Alone within His catacomb, amidst the quiet chill His skin is pale and bled of life, no air’s within His chest He lies in state, forsook by God, within the lonely hill She weeps within the waning night, alone before the morn When death … Continue reading Easter


She’s come to see the Savior born, from every tongue and race From hills along the country sides to halls of learned lords His light’s revealed for all to see, a revelated grace His hope proclaimed for sheep and dogs, a kind and humble Word She sees the Dove descend upon the Savior’s dripping head … Continue reading Epiphany


Before the feast, a fast is walked, beyond the font is drought She wonders through the wilderness in deserts dead and dry A deluge comes of sand and sun, her mind is filled with doubt She stumbles in her ageless trek, her voice a moaning cry She mourns her life, she loathes the pain, she … Continue reading Lent


She lays her palms before the feet of Christ, with Balaam’s kin “How blessed is the One who comes in Yahweh’s holy truth!” … “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I’ve longed to gather you Like baby chicks beneath their mother’s safe and loving wings!” … A widow tore her house apart to find the missing coin A shepherd … Continue reading Passiontide


As Jesus left He promised One Who’d hold us to the end Our Comforter in life and death, a wild, flaming wind He gives the church a dogged strength, imbuing us with might To be a lamp upon the Hill, a bright and shining light We ride upon His gracious storm, baptising Satan’s race Victorious … Continue reading Pentecost


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